Art. 13 of legislative decree no. 196/2003 – Code on the protection of personal data.
The present policy on privacy gives information about the activities concerning the collection, elaboration, publishing of personal data, coming from public sources or however usually accessible, as well as other information necessary for the supply to third parties of informative services of economic nature related to the risk of credit in commercial sphere.

Dear Sir/Madame, Dear Company, we wish to inform you that, according to a specific license and authorization (according to art. 134 under the Testo Unico Legge Pubblica Sicurezza (in english Consolidated Act Of Public Safety Laws), our company is responsible for the collection of personal data coming from public registry, lists, public file archives or contained in acts or documents of public consultation (kept by, for example, the Chamber of Commerce or the Regional Agency) or however usually accessible (as proceeds, for example by unconditional list, media news and website that can be consulted by everyone). Our agency can acquire both information regarding organizational, productive, industrial, commercial, economic, financial, patrimonial, administrative and accounting aspects, relating to the activity practised by agents, and data related to natural persons for fulfilments of contractual obligations, or linked to risk management as Chamber of Commerce Company Registration, negative events registered to the Mortgage Registry, balances, protests, ipocadastral data and bankruptcy procedures.

Those data are processed by our Company, as independent owner, in order to supply to third customers services of commercial information that are necessary to assess the activities, stability and capacity, on economic and commercial sphere, of a natural or juridical person and to carry out inspections within possible, ongoing or ready to be established, commercial relations in order to contain, as possible, the risk in bargains and in economic transactions.

During the draft of these reports or other documents, personal data acquired by our Company can be object of additional analysis or statistical elaboration, even in a computerised form, with the aim to confer an estimate or a mark able to represent and express the degree of reliability, solvency or capacity of the concerned person or company on the economic and commercial level and/or on the probable risk of insolvency of a company. On the base of such estimate it is taken into account the patrimonial, economic and financial situation as well as the relation between credits and debts, referred also on subject with responsibilities and significant positions. When required by our customers, personal data can be possibly completed and improved with researches made by post, fax or phone, through private sources (other companies or brokers) of additional commercial information and related even to the payment habit of a company or a professional towards customers, suppliers and partners in the implementation of normal economic relationship.

The aforesaid information, only of economic nature, is elaborated in the form of aggregate report within our system to better meet customers’ needs. The capture of personal confidential data, as well as information covered by company and industrial secret are forbidden.

All personal data collected and treated by our companies are supervised and protected with suitable measures of privacy and security, even in the case of use of systems and electronic communication networks, and can be known, within our company, only by the agents and responsible collaborators or external appointee for activities of survey collection, elaboration and communication of these data and the editing of economic informative reports, as well as activities of technical type aimed to the assistance, and to the custody of our informative systems. Data could be communicated even to company controlled, connected, participated, participant and supervised of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l.

Personal Data are not object of diffusion and can be communicated, even with instruments of telecommunication, exclusively to our Customers, established in Italy or abroad, that apply for them.

We remember that the Informative Report on Privacy (art. 7 Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 of June 30,2003) recognized to each person or interested agent the right to know, in every moment, if and what are the data object of the processing by the Company and to exercise the other rights related to their processing as correction and update of wrong and incomplete data, cancellation or interruption of data possibly treated in violation of law and to stand opposite to their processing for legitimate reasons.

For additional information about activities of processing carried out by our Company and for any specific request regarding personal data, you can consult the informative report on privacy present on our website or contact us to the following address:
Via Torino, 2 – 20123 MILANO