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P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l., thanks to the quality of our services, the accurate attention in the process of creation and the continuous vocational training of its staff, has strengthen the partnership with the most important reality of the bank/financial industry in Italy and overseas.

Since today, with the achievement of the Business Information Project, P & P Investigazioni allows person and companies that more and more need a qualified support in the managing of their own credit, to benefit from its services.

The actual economic scenario, increasingly uncertain, has undermined the relationship of “trust” with one’s own customers that more and more often require delay in the payments or, in the worst case, do not settle with their own debt, producing credit that become so large that it is impossible to settle and at the end endanger the survival of the company.

With such similar circumstance, the outlook of resorting to services of support to the credit management turns out to be essential for the companies and for all these enterprises that, at several levels, are involved in the world of commerce.

P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l gives to customers its personal experience guaranteeing the highest efficiency and competence in the reaching of goals in terms of deterrence and credit collection in Italy and overseas.

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Why should you rely on us

Experience and quality recognised from the most important stockbroker

Analysis, Assesments and Comments from our experts

Highly competitive Prices

Information with investigative style

Several levels of in-depths analysis fit for real needs



Full report which allows a depth assessment on the risk and level of reliability of an enterprise, through a combination of information obtained from official sources of public concern, extended to the legal representatives and exponents; available information summarized by a model of statistical analysis that uses sophisticated algorithms to assess the level of risk of a company and to express the maximum limit of credit recommended. Especially useful in the evaluation and the grant of bank credit.


Through different levels of in-depth analysis it is possible to identify the service most suitable to everyone’s need according to the different stages of debt collection. The basic information, as the tracing of the debtor person, allows the correct implementation of the preliminary activities as the phone collection (extrajudicial) or the possible notification of the judicial acts (judiciary). For the executive stage, specific dossiers have been studied, that through a focused investigative research, have the purpose to identify certain elements of the individual that could be attacked.


The service of Ipocadastral Survey portrays the real estate situation of a subject, relating all the cadastral real estate data and the possible encumbrance that affect them. The encumbrances indicated are the foreclosure, mortgage and negative events, summons, requisition, etc.


The Infoproviding Division pays specific attention to everyone of its customer’s protection with the achievement of every authorisation of category and a strict conformity to the norms of reference:


Our agency is allowed by the Ministry of the Interior with regular license issued by the Prefecture authorized in territory according to ex art. 134 under the T.U.L.P.S. (in Italian “Testo Unico Legge Pubblica Sicurezza”, Consolidated Act Of Public Safety Laws) and under other authorizations and disposals provided for by art. 115 under the T.U.L.P.S.

Decree of the Minister of Justice no. 269 of 10/2010

the Infoproviding department of P & P Investigazioni S.r.l. carry out its own activity in full compliance with what is imposed by the actual rules in the field of investigation.

D.Lgs 196 of 30 giugno 2003

Code applying to personal data protection (Consolidation Act of Privacy) established by the Data Protection Authority.

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ISO 9001:2014

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