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visure camerali

Chamber of Commerce Survey

4,00 + IVA

The service of ordinary chamber visure provides an overview of official data relating to the constitution, legal status, activities, members, capital and information's farm of people and of capital registered at the Chamber of Commerce.

The historical chamber visure adds, compared with the ordinary, the list of changes that occurred from the registration of the company until the date of request.

It is possible to request an chamber visure using the following search parameters:

  • name undertaking
  • tax code/VAT
  • member name
  • n. R.E.A. (Repertoire Economic and Administrative)

It is possible select two viewing modes: the classic version (chamber visure) or a more readable display with data organized by section (tab chambers); the latter shows, for corporations, also the values of the last three years of following budget items: turnover, production value and number of employees.

Appointment Request

* Authorisation for Processing of Personal Data

Cost of Service

€ 4,00 for prepaid from € 1.000,00

€ 8,90 for prepaid up to € 500,00