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60,00 + IVA
10 days max

The service of Ipocadastral Survey portrays the real estate situation of a subject, relating all the cadastral real estate data and the possible encumbrance that affect them. The encumbrances indicated are the foreclosure, mortgage and negative events, summons, requisition, etc.

Service Detail

The service, called as well ipocadastral survey or real estate survey, is provided off line and allows to obtain the real estate information (buildings and plots) owned by the natural or juridical person, with possible encumbrances as foreclosure, mortgage and negative events, summons, requisition, etc., as well as the cadastral data referred to the real estate possibly identified.

It is given the amount of real estate, which is the balance of the goods really owned by the subject (share of property, location of the asset, kind of good, cadastral description, origin of the good) and the indication of the encumbrances that insist on that asset (number and date document, amount of the act, asset affected by encumbrances, individual in behalf of and subjects against it). The information supplied is daily updated by the Mortgage Registry and Land Register Offices in charge. The service "FULL IPOCADASTRAL SURVEY" includes the consultation of a maximum of 5 forms; in case that the forms are more than 5 you will be contacted by our Customer Care in order to define a customized estimate, according to the results obtained during the first consultation of the qualified Mortgage Registry.

Source of data survey

Data are obtained a cross check consultation of the Regional Agency and the Mortgage Registry.

Data Update

Data are daily obtained from the Regional Agency Departments and the Provincial Mortgage Registry.

Time of Execution
  • Normal: 10 working days
  • Urgent: 6 working daysi
  • Blitz: Within 24 hours

The ipocadastral surveys are the best instrument to know the real estate situation of a subject. Thanks to the list of all the properties and plots, as well as any encumbrances, it allows to value the possible acting of distraints of the real estate/plots concerned.

Appointment Request

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Cost of Service

€ 60,00 for prepaid of € 1.000,00

€ 63,00 for prepaid of € 500,00

€ 65,00 for prepaid of € 250,00

€ 67,00 for prepaid of € 150,00

€ 69,00 free consumption