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Basic Mortgage Registry Search

31,00 + IVA

The service of Ipocadastral Survey portrays the real estate situation of a subject, reporting all the cadastral real estate data and the possible encumbrance that affect them. The encumbrances indicated are the foreclosure, mortgage and negative events, summons, requisition, etc.

Service Detail

That’s the result of the cross check of the two most important database regarding real estate that are Land Register and Mortgage Registry. The service verifies the real estate situation of a subject, checking the encumbrances over proper goods that could prevent a possible action of real estate attachment.

Source of data survey

The data contained in surveys are obtained through a cross check consultation of the Regional Agency and the Mortgage Registry.

Data Update

Data are daily obtained from the Regional Agency Departments and the Provincial Mortgage Registry.

Time of Execution

The Basic Ipocadastral Survey is an online service that can be so viewed on the pc screen. The Full Cadastral Survey, making use of the experience of our experts on cadastral survey, is available off line within 5 working days from the request. If the display of the web page is not correct just contact our Customer Care that will promptly act to send a copy of the document by mail.


The ipocadastral surveys are the best instrument to know the real estate situation of a subject. Thanks to the list of all the properties and plots as well as any encumbrances, it allows to consider the possible acting of distraints of real estate/plots concerned.

Appointment Request

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Cost of Service

€ 31,00 for prepaid of € 1.000,00

€ 33,00 for prepaid of € 500,00

€ 35,00 for prepaid of € 250,00

€ 37,00 for prepaid of € 150,00

€ 39,00 free consumption