P e P Investigazioni S.r.l.
verifica residena anagrafica

Audit of Italian Residence Place

24,75 + IVA
15/20 days

Through our specialized department and our close network of local collaborators, it is ensured the official place of residence of the natural person at the General Register Office in charge.

The layout is composed by the following sections:

  • Summary
  • Personal Data
  • Residence Data

Source of Data survey

Chamber of Commerce, Courthouse, Mortgage Registry, Land Registry, Office Information if traced in loco

Data Update

All the data present in our services are updated at the moment of the request.

Time of Execution

The service is fulfilled within 15/20 working days.

Appointment Request

* Authorisation for Processing of Personal Data

Cost of Service

€ 24,75 for prepaid of € 1.000,00

€ 25,65 for prepaid of € 500,00

€ 26,55 for prepaid of € 250,00

€ 27,95 for prepaid of € 150,00

€ 29,50 free consumption