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Checking Acceptance of Inheritance

40,00 + IVA
15/20 days

The service is directed to know whether inheritance has been accepted or not by the subject being investigated. The service supply indications, regarding the heir, about the acceptance or surrender of the inheritance. For this aim it is necessary a preparatory identification of the real estate and chattels through researches focused by our specialized departments.

The layout is composed by the following sections:

  • Summary
  • Personal Data
  • Checking Acceptance Of Inheritance

Source of data survey

Chamber of Commerce, Courthouse, Mortgage Registry, Land Registry, Office Information if traced in loco.

Data Update

All the data present in our services are updated at the moment of the request.

Time of Execution

The service is fulfilled within 15/20 working days.

Appointment Request

* Authorisation for Processing of Personal Data

Cost of Service

€ 40,00 for prepaid of € 1.000,00

€ 43,00 for prepaid of € 500,00

€ 45,00 for prepaid of € 250,00

€ 47,00 for prepaid of € 150,00

€ 50,00 free consumption