The integration of a new business role within the proper framework (we think to the hiring of a new manager) is considered an important investment for the company. A too risked choice and without due cautions could drop in the wrong hands a position considered decisive and with the passage of time risk to produce strong consequences from a logistic, economic/financial point of view, but even for the reputation of the company itself.

The investigative Department of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. makes available to the top management, appointed to the selection of a new role, several investigative activities according to Art. 8 of the Law 300/70 under the Workers’ Statute of Rights, with the purpose to judge the professional qualification of the candidate.

In particular we propose an investigative dossier “customised” on natural person and/or company’s associate, aimed at defining the reliability of a person, as an interlocutor for business relations and/or professional responsibilities/tasks and/or corporate. There are taken into account all the indicators of validity of a person as well as the data collected in loco about possible commercial and/or personal prejudices.

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