P & P INVESTIGAZIONI Srl offers companies specific services for assessing the value and the state of health of potential business partners in order to favour informed decisions (in view of transactions such as acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures and investments in general) and, therefore, the success of the business or giving up operations considered risky.

To avoid economic risks and, therefore, prejudices of a financial as well as reputational nature, it is imperative that the profile of a legal person or entity (especially when it is a company with which the relationship is not yet consolidated, hence there is lack of information about it), its financial and operational history, reputational background, business criticality and financial management.

The service allows you to get information on the business events that have affected the company during the previous 5/10 years (legal registrations and transcriptions, bankruptcy, court judgements, claims), to have an assessment of the assets and, only for limited liability companies, the analysis of financial ratios derived from comparison of the items of the past balance sheets, as well as a series of data on the professional and personal profile of the executives, thus obtaining a picture of the subject as a whole and, therefore, of the degree of exposure to risk: operational risk, reputational risk, compliance risk (legal/judicial proceedings)

The highly skilled staff of the Business Intelligence division of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI Srl operates in Italy and abroad, and uses public and, therefore, accessible and verifiable research sources, integrating them with the findings from observations in the field and a final judgement on the reliability of the entity.

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