To whom it is aimed and the purpose of the service

The investigation aims to collect and document the evidence necessary to assert his or her rights in court, for victims of harassment.

Harassment can affect both the personal sphere (persistent contact through telephone calls, social media networks or direct contact that interferes with one’s own freedom) or even in the sexual sphere (insistent unwilling attempts at courtship and, in the case of physical contact, even of sexual violence).

Conducting the investigation

During the initial meeting, the case is analysed, the final objective is determined and the necessary elements are defined in order to obtain the best result in the shortest possible time. In this way, it will be possible to obtain a detailed quote with costs and duration of the investigation.

Once the assignment has been confirmed, you will be constantly updated on the progress of the investigation. We will then provide a detailed report, complete with evidence (photographs and video footage) that you can use in court to effectively prosecute the harasser.

What you can do

1. In the case of harassment via telephone or through social media networks, block or limit contact with the harasser as much as possible .
2. Think about your personal safety and improve the security of your home, for example with a video intercom, security grates, surveillance cameras and the like.
3. Trust in the professionals to gather evidence that can be used in a court of law.

What you should avoid

1. Avoid direct confrontation with the attacker. This could be dangerous and compromising for the purpose of the investigation.
2. Limit personal information such as revealing your movements on social media networks.
3. Avoid having a daily routine by frequently changing your routes and telephone number. Avoid isolated places and keep emergency numbers at hand.

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