To whom it is aimed and the purpose of the service

The investigation is aimed at collecting and documenting the evidence necessary to assert one’s rights, or those of a minor, in court, for victims of sexual abuse or for those who think they have been a victim.

Sexual abuse, child abuse and mobbing are hard-to-combat situations because the victim is often afraid and does not make a complaint. However, Italian law and P & P INVESTIGAZIONI are on your side! Contact us now for a personalised quote.

Conducting the investigation

During the initial meeting, the case is analysed, the final objective is determined and the necessary elements are defined in order to obtain the best result in the shortest possible time. In this way, it will be possible to obtain a detailed quote with costs and duration of the investigation.

Once the assignment has been confirmed, you will be constantly updated on the progress of the investigation. We will then provide a detailed report, complete with evidence (photographs and video footage) that you can use in court to protect your rights and reinstate personal peace of mind.

What you can do

1. If the abuse occurred recently, you need to go to a hospital, possibly to the obstetrics and gynaecology department, to be checked or to have the victim of abuse checked. Ask for all lesions – bruises, scratches, signs of violence – to be described in detail in the medical report.
2. If the abused person is a child, pay close attention to any inexplicable wounds or lesions, along with any change in behaviour or low self – esteem.

What you should avoid

1. Avoid carrying out any investigations on your own and always turn to sector professionals. Especially when dealing with minors, it is necessary to rely only on those who have experience in the field in order not to further compromise precarious balances.
2. Avoid direct confrontation with the attacker. This could be dangerous and compromising for the purpose of the investigation

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