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The Annual Financial Statements is an accounting document, edited by the administrators, or from who is appointed to, at the end of every administrative period (usually the 31st of Decembers) that defines on one side the fiscal economic year result (income) and on the other side the patrimonial and financial State of the company at the end of it. Every Corporation (Srl, Spa, etc.) is obliged to register its budget.

Service Detail

The service of Revised Financial Statement gives a new version of the voices present in the last Balance Sheet properly fills at the Chamber of Commerce. Through a comparison of the data (balance sheet ratios) it is possible to obtain important information about the economic/financial situation of the company concerned.

Source of data survey

The service “budget” is executed through the on line consultation of the General Registry of Businesses at the Chamber of Commerce present in all the Italian territory.

Data Update

The update of the service is annual and is strictly related to the actual filing of budgets at the Chamber of Commerce by companies that have this obligation.

Time of Execution

The digital budgets are processed within few minutes since the request. The synthetic budgets are on line so it is possible to see the information directly on your pc screen. If the display of the web page is not correct just contact our Customer Care that will promptly send you a copy of the document by mail.


Budgets constitute a valid instrument of prevention as they allow being aware of the economic/financial/ patrimonial situation of the company considered. In other case this service is used to know and valuate the economic data of competitors.



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