During the hearing stage, the declarations of a witness could be decisive for the development of the entire trial especially if constituted by lies against the accused.

In the field of the defensive investigations, the Department of Criminal Defensive Investigations of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.rl., through its staff of experts, is able to carry out an analysis of the voice and to establish the level of vocal stress.

The scientific procedures put to use by our Department aim at the identification of the acoustic variation in the main frequency of the voice of the person questioned (8-14 Hz in normal conditions), as it is scientifically proved that in situations that require a greater mental or psychomotor activity, such as for example the activity of lying, the frequency modulation decreases while the muscle tissue that surrounds the vocal cord in response to the stirring limits de facto the natural vibration of the cords. The results of our analysis could make emerge such features, avoiding that the false witnesses could compromise the outcome of a trial.

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