During the hearing stage, some clues could be represented by printed documents for which it turns out to be necessary, for defensive aims, to carry on with a handwriting/typewriting expert report in order to establish the authorship of the writings, or of an environment or telephonic recordings for which it results necessary, for defensive aims, a phonic expert report aimed at the identification of the voice and possible copy of the conversation.

Through the experts of the Department of Criminal Defensive Investigations of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l., it is possible to analyse the recordings of any kind (analogue and digital), and to carry out accurate expert reports on documents through the use of the most modern scientific method of comparison and contrast of graphic signs, punctuations and other, in order to establish the authenticity of them: the outcomes of our analysis could bring out possible counterfeiting and tampering of the documents through the cancellations, abrasion, collage or photo-retouch with graphic programs.

The technical expert advice supplied, integrated to the numerous analysis carried out, allows to arrive at a result with a strong evidential value useful during the hearing stage of the criminal proceedings.

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