In the case of an individual, the report provides the verified residence address, the actual address (home), the direct telephone numbers and/or associate, identification of work (independent / dependent / retired). In the case of a company, it is ascertained the actual operation at its headquarters, in addition to all the information closely related to it and its main representative. Our searches are done through a targeted on the spot investigative action. The layout is composed by the following sections:


  • Summary
  • Personal Data -Residence Data – Availability
  • Registered Telephone Numbers
  • Inspection of a person’s job
  • Heir tracing
  • Checking out whether the subject shares profits with some businesses nationwide (Associate Form)
  • Finding out of protests


  • Summary
  • Juridical identification of the subject through the development of the Chamber of commerce company registration given by the General Registry of Businesses
  • Checking that a juridical person is effectively working and tracing of all the headquarters and branches of that company
  • Inquiries carried out by our confidential correspondents in situ
  • Research of new telephone/mobile numbers as well as the one already known
  • Checking out whether the Legal Representative shares profits with some businesses nationwide (Associate Form)
  • Place of Residence and Domicile of the Legal Representative
  • Finding out of protests and other negative events



€ 50,00 + IVA




15/20 days

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