The On line Italian Business Report relate economic, financial, legal and administrative information about all the companies properly registered among the General Registry of Businesses, thanks to a combination of information taken from the official database. Their use is particularly recommended in a prior stage to minimize the risk of insolvency and to define the best commercial policy for the supply and terms of payment.

Service Details

Report allows us to know and evaluate the economic, financial and patrimonial position of a business before starting a procedure for debt recovery. The Report is composed by the following sections:
Legal Information Identity: found by the Chambers of Commerce
Exponents: names of company executives (personal data and charges)
Investments in other companies and Filling Representatives: any holdings and charges find dependent exponents (first three) in other companies
Economic activity: description of the economic activity and of the business purpose
Employees declared: number of the employees recognized by the Chamber of Commerce
Chambers of historical data: a list of all the changes historical company subjects to registration with the Chambers of Commerce
Risk Press: any economics news releases about the company, from a daily press review over 150 national newspapers
Piece of Property: highlighting (and possible details) of assets in property of the company and at its main exponents in charge
Protests and injurious: research on companies and representatives of protest notes, signature disqualifications, bankruptcy, foreclosures and judicial mortgages to property
Additional Information: number of requests made regarding the company

Source of data survey

The information present in Business Report are obtained through the cross-consultation of public and official database (Chamber of Commerce, Land Registry, Mortgage Registry, Courthouse, etc).

Time of Execution

The service “Report On line” is available within few seconds after the request. It is possible to see the information directly on your pc screen. If the display of the web page is not correct just contact our Customer Care that will promptly send you a copy of the document by mail.


The simultaneous and immediate consultation of several sources in different level of in-depth analysis, allows having a complete insight of the economic- financial situation of a potential customer or a supervision of the ones already known. This is possible thanks to the processing and interpretation of all the elements useful for the assessment of the reliability of a company.



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