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Person Report

14,35 + IVA

The service considers the simultaneous consultation of several official databases. The information obtained, later analysed, allows to portray the economic/financial situation of the person concerned by the inquiry. It is present an indicator of riskiness able to measure the degree of reliability of that person.

Service Detail

It is an aggregation of data collected from official sources of public nature to analyze economic and financial profile of a natural person. The information obtained is summarized by an Indicator of Statistical Evaluation that can measure the degree of reliability of the subject.
Throughout a single referral the service note:

  • The presence of protest notes: erect in the last 5 years, extracted directly from the Informatic Registry of Protests of Chamber of Commerce
  • The presence of adverse events by the Courts and Offices of Real Estate (Conservatory): as foreclosures and Judicial Mortgages
  • Registered Property: research, at national area, of any real property (land and/or buildings) performed at the cadastral register of land.
  • The position and the qualification of the person detained in business and society, with information on office held, its duration and the current state of the company
  • The shareholding presence of the subject in capital companies with detail of the company and shares held
  • Insolvency proceedings: survey of insolvency proceedings (bankruptcy, liquidation, etc.)
  • Related Companies: information on the companies related with the subject, including any adverse event monitoring and bankruptcy procedures on each company
  • Media: press articles concerning the economic entity, through a press review over 150 national newspaper and regional edition

Source of data survey

The information present in Business Report is obtained through the cross-consultation of public and official database (Chamber of Commerce, Land Registry, Mortgage Registry, Courthouse, ect).

Time of Execution

The service "Report On line" is available within few seconds since the request. It is possible to see the information directly on your pc screen. If the display of the web page is not correct just contact our Customer Care that will promptly send you a copy of the document by mail.


The simultaneous and immediate consultation of several sources (Chamber of Commerce, Mortgage Registry, Records Office, Land Registry, etc) allows having a complete profile of the economic- financial situation of the person concerned by the inquiry. The report is recommended in a prior stage because it allows assessing the reliability of a person whereas, in a post transactional stage, it permits to check the probable presence of elements useful for a possible action of credit collection towards that person.

Appointment Request

* Authorisation for Processing of Personal Data

Cost of Service

€ 14,35 for prepaid of € 1.000,00

€ 15,55 for prepaid of € 500,00

€ 16,85 for prepaid of € 250,00

€ 17,65 for prepaid of € 150,00

€ 18,95 free consumption