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Foreign Business Report

51,50 + IVA

The service allows to obtain promptly all the most important legal information about foreign companies as well as to provide a complete profile of the economic, financial and administrative situation of the company concerned.

Service Detail

The service is given in Italian and can be applied on more than 65 millions of company present in 22 foreign countries. Through the implementation of algorithms and tested systems of assessment it is given the degree of riskiness of the company summarized with a maximum limit of credit recommended.

Source of data survey

The information present in the foreign report is obtained through the cross-consultation of public and official database of foreign countries. The service can be requested for the following foreign countries: Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, United States of America, Sweden, Switzerland and Hungary.

Others Countries

In the case that the company does not belong to one of the countries listed above, it is possible to obtain an offline service over the rest of the world with a specific budget according to the country concerned. Our Customer Care will supply to the sending of the budget within few minutes after the request.

Time of Execution

The service “Report On line” is available within few seconds after the request. It is possible to see the information directly on your pc screen. If the display of the web page is not correct just contact our Customer Care that will promptly send you a copy of the document by mail.


Achievement of information about foreign companies, otherwise unlikely traceable, integrated with an indicator of riskiness and solvency.

Appointment Request

* Authorisation for Processing of Personal Data

Cost of Service

€ 51,50 for prepaid ofa € 1.000,00

€ 53,50 for prepaid of € 500,00

€ 55,50 for prepaid of € 250,00

€ 57,50 for prepaid of € 150,00

€ 59,50 free consumption