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Pre-Overdraft Analytical Dossier

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Reports regarding companies relate information of a legal, economic, financial and administrative nature of all companies surveyed regularly with the General Registrar of Companies, through aggregation of information obtained from official databases. Their use is particularly recommended as a preventive measure to minimise the risk of insolvency and determine the best trade policy in terms of supply and payment terms.

Service detail

A complete report which enables a thorough assessment of the risk and the level of reliability of a company, through aggregation of information obtained from official sources of public nature extended also to the legal representatives and members; the main economic data is summarised in a statistical analysis model, obtained by the processing of sophisticated algorithms able to assess the risk level of a company and to calculate the recommended credit limit. Particularly useful in the evaluation and granting of trusts of important sums.

The Report consists of the following sections:

  • Credit Limit: shows the maximum credit limit recommended for the company in question
  • Solvency analysis: is a rating and an opinion on the solvency of the company
  • Identifying Legal Data: traced at the Chamber of Commerce
  • Summary of key findings: extract of important data collected on the company in question
  • Representatives: names of those responsible at the company
  • Involvements and Positions in other companies: any involvement and positions found about corporate representatives (top three) in other companies
  • Corporate Composition: list of shareholders/members and the percentage of share capital held by each of them
  • Economic activity: description of the economic activity and company aim
  • Declared employees: number of employees reported at the Chamber of Commerce
  • Chamber of Commerce historical data: a list of all the historical variations of the company subject to registration with the Chambers of Commerce
  • Risk Press: any economic press news about the company, through a daily press review of approximately 150 national newspapers
  • Real estate: signalling (and any detail) properties in the name of the company and its main responsible representatives
  • Disputes and pre-judicial entries: research of protested bills, signature bans, insolvency, foreclosures and judicial mortgages to property attributable both to the company, representatives of the shareholders, and companies in which positions covered by the representatives are found
  • Additional information: number of requests made by the company
  • Balance sheet data and financial evidence: it shows the reclassified budget, extract from the last deposited (only for limited Company) and some of the most significant financial indexes

Source of data collection

The information contained in the Company reports is obtained through cross-consultation of official public databases (Chambers of Commerce, Land Registry, cadastre, courts, etc.).

Processing time

The "Online Report" service is obtainable within seconds of a request: it is possible to view the information directly on the PC screen. In the event of there being an incorrect display of the page, just contact our Customer Care, who will promptly send you the copy of the document by mail.


The simultaneous and immediate consultation of more than one public source in various levels of detail, allows you to have a complete picture of the economic and financial situation of a prospective client or the monitoring of existing ones. This is possible thanks to the processing and interpretation of all relevant information for the assessment of the reliability of a company.

Appointment Request

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Cost of Service

€ 67,60 for prepaid of € 1.000,00

€ 69,50 for prepaid of € 500,00

€ 70,45 for prepaid of € 250,00

€ 79,95 for prepaid of € 150,00

€ 89,50 free consumption