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Sometimes unusual behaviors or habits changes of the partners can arouse strong doubts about his loyalty and lead to the difficult decision to control it, with the sole purpose of giving an answer to your questions and discover a betrayal.

The most common signs of a marital betrayal are cell phone use in secluded places, often in silent or vibrate, more attention to his own person and his appearance, increase in delays and travel, often justified with work commitments.
Relying on private investigators P & P INVESTIGAZIONI is the best solution to professionally treat your doubts and obtain evidence and documented if found unfaithful behavior by the partners.

Following the free advice of our experts, you can request an investigation, through the combined intervention of a team of investigators, usually a man and a woman, who with professionalism and discretion will work to gather evidence on the alleged betrayal of the spouse.

At the conclusion of the investigative activity will be provided a detailed report accompanied by photographic evidence and video filmed, aimed at:

  • Provide documentary evidence of the violation of art. 143 of the Civil Code on their mutual rights and duties of the spouses;
  • Identify the person involved marital infidelity, for a subsequent subpoena as a witness;
  • Try where possible and permitted by the standard, the procedures and the places where the spouse's betrayal occurred.

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