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It is well known the moment of crisis that the world economy is going through and how our companies are extensively involved in. The drastic drops of sales produce catastrophic economic/financial effects while it happens that important deals are not concluded and the reason of it is not known.

Nevertheless the economic crisis could be only one of the causes of this sad phenomenon. Indeed more often the company is only a victim of out-and-out actions of sabotage used by associates and/or disloyal employees that, in return for a generous reward, sell business information to the competitors. It could even happen that the company suffers the loss caused by a poor devotion to work and/or absenteeism of employees used in the production field.

The Investigative Agency P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l., properly authorized by the Home Office with the issue of the prefect’s license according to art. 134 under the T.U.L.P.S. (Testo Unico Legge Pubblica Sicurezza, in english Consolidated Act Of Public Safety Laws), has established a department specialized in the resolution of business problems.

With its great experience P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. is able to in depth analyse the case and to start a sequence of investigative procedures, aimed to protect the business heritage, proving the productivity of the employees, contrasting absenteeism, protecting the secrecy of business information and of its proper intellectual asset.

At the end of our surveys, a detailed report about the activities carried out will be supplied, along with all the documents produced (pictures, video, testimonies), that will have law value in case it is considered worthwhile to enjoin a legal action to protect one’s own rights.

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