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Sometimes the unusual behaviour of the partner can cause strong doubts threatening the personal serenity and the spousal one. The perpetuating of such behaviours bring to the hard decision of controlling the proper partner with the only aim to give an answer to our doubts.

To rely on the investigative department of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. is the best solution to deal professionally with your domestic doubts and to obtain proofs that are sure and documented in order to protect your rights in the case of proved disloyal partner's behaviour.

After the advice supplied by our experts, you could decide to ask for an investigation that will consider an accurate survey about your case based on your indications, and a joint intervention of a team of investigators, usually a man and a woman that, with great professionalism and secrecy, will operate to achieve the aim of supplying documented proofs of every actions.

At the end of the investigative activity, it will be supplied a detailed report along with proofs as pictures and video tapes aimed at achieving the final purpose that we remember is:

  • To supply documented proofs that attest the violation of the art. 143 of the Civil Code about the Rights and reciprocal duties of the spouses;
  • To identify the person involved in spousal infidelity, for a further summons as witness;
  • To prove, whereby it is possible and legally permitted, the modalities and places where the infidelity of the partner took place.

The Investigations Division for the Family of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. performs these assessments also in cases when it becomes necessary to revise the maintenance allowance, and then in cases to verify the unexpected change in economic conditions of one of the parties and the suitability of the same to change the capital structure made with the previous check attributing to the injunction (Court of Appeal, Sect. I, 2nd May 2007, n. 10133); by way of example it may also be significant for the purposes of this review the case of subsequent cohabitation undertaken by one of the spouses, provided that a stable relationship is conceivable and not merely occasional (Court of Appeal, 10th August 2007, n. 17643).

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