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The Investigations Division for the Family of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. provides investigative services for cases of stalking and harassment, physical and sexual abuse, in order to produce a useful investigative dossier for the pursuit of the criminal liability of the persecutor even in court.

"Any person who, with repeated conduct of threats, harassment and blackmail, verbally or by phone, with intrusive surveillance and reiterated behaviours likely to affect the normal life of the person violated, generating a state of fear and emotional distress to the point of forcing the person to change her/his plans or his/her lifestyle, commits the crime of persecution (so-called Stalking)" (Court of Naples, Sect. IV, 30th June 2009).

This type of conduct often translates into real forms of violence perpetrated against persons who are found to have or have had a relationship with the stalker.

This is one of the more widespread delinquent phenomena and the motivations that induce the stalker to act against the victim may be numerous, just as with the areas where stalking is proving possible: condominium, family, romantic, work-place stalking, ... are just some of the types of persecution deemed a crime.

In most cases the reasons are psychological in origin, resulting from a strong social discomfort that causes the stalker to act by imposing their presence and insisting even in cases where he/she has received a clear and explicit negative response. The intent is to recover the previous link with the victim or take revenge on an alleged wrongdoing suffered or simply a rejection received, of any kind even with an underlying relationship.

The crime of stalking in Italy is regulated by art. 612-bis of the Criminal Code, entitled "persecutory acts", and was introduced with Legislative Decree 23rd February 2009, n. 11 (Maroni decree), converted into Law 23rd April 2009 n. 38, subsequently amended by Legislative Decree 14th August 2013, n. 93, converted into Law 15th October 2013, n. 119, laying down rules of "preventing and combating gender-based violence", better known by the term femicide.

The Investigations Division for the Family of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l., after carefully studying the case and the evidence provided by the victim, conducts its anti-stalking investigations in Milan, Rome and throughout the country, with the aim of retrieving all the documentary evidence to be used in the preliminary hearing to determine the criminal liability of the stalker.

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