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indagini persone scomparse

In Italy every year many persons suddenly disappear without trace and without, seemingly, a plausible reason: there are children, adolescents, elderly person, foreign persons, etc...

Persons disappear for different reasons: it could be a voluntary or a forced disappearance, it could be a person with mental illness or a minor who is unfit to plead. All these persons are lured away by a stranger or, in many cases, carried away by one of the parents or by a relative.

The number of missing persons increased in these last twenty years, leading the necessity to avail itself, among the competent authorities, of specialized professions such as the Private Investigator.

The specificity and the complexity of the job, in these kind of surveys, commit who is working, to a really complex training. It is important to point out that who works in this field has to do with a context really delicate, where a mistake carried out during the initial stage of the operations, can compromise the entire procedure of the survey.

The detectives of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. have a great experience and a specific vocational training, aimed at the creation of imminent and focused technical intervention strategies.

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