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In these last years, always more frequently the news carried cases of violence against children. Minors are the sad protagonists of these situations often occurring in places that are considered safe, such as home, nursery and school. In other words, places where people should protect them. Studies indicate that the main cause of these phenomena is the gradual family disaggregation and so the custody of children to persons that do not belong to the family.

With the law n. 38 of the 6th of February 2006, the legislator has finally given the right importance to this phenomenon by changing the paragraph and rendering more severe the sentences expected by the varied paragraphs of the Penal Code applying to Child Sexual Abuse (Art. 600, 609, 734 and others).

The so called sex offender lurk everywhere and their approach towards children from the outside looks absolutely genuine: a paedophile is more than likely a person of trust, a teacher or even a family member.

"Paedophilia, as a modification of the sexual interest in the direction of children, whilst still adopting their habitual character, for criminal actions it does not exclude nor diminish the ability of consent and, therefore, the criminal responsibility for sexual abuse against children" (Court of Appeal Criminal., Sect. III, 12th November 2003, n. 43135).

The Investigative Department of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. carries out focused activities of surveys finalized to the research of documented proofs able to attest every kind of abuse, even sexual, committed against the child, both by people not belonging to the family and people belonging to it.

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