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ANAI - Italian National Association of Lawyers

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ANAI is an association of Lawyers and Practising Lawyers registered in one of the professional Bar Associations with the Italian Republic, as well as in one of the registers of Practising Lawyers, and/or practising the legal profession within a country belonging to the European Union. The association follows the aim of the defence of identity, independence and autonomy of Advocacy and the constitutional function of the lawyer in relation to the principles laid down in art. 24 and 111 of the Italian Constitution.

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ANAI signed an agreement with P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l., valid for the whole of 2014, which provides for the exclusive application of a tariff solely reserved to members and relates to all of the services offered by the Investigation Agency.

Included in the agreement are exclusive services such INVESTIGATIONS IN FAMILY and BUSINESS AREAS and INFORMATION SERVICES such as Tracing judicial notices, Identification of work/pension activity, Searching for heirs and verification of inheritance acceptance, Global assets investigation.

For services not included in the tariff list, P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. provides "ad hoc" cost estimates and commercial offers according to the specific needs, at cost-effective rates.
ANAI members who want to receive the reserved tariff can fill out the contact request form downloadable by clicking the button below or send an email to legal@pp-investigazioni.it.

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