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It is said that being a parent is the hardest job in the world. Today more than ever before, this popular old adage coincide with the reality. In fact the always greatest interaction with the external world and with the virtual one (ex. Social network) could define a wrong behaviour of the child, who could finally result in situation potentially dangerous and, in the worst case, to illegal actions by the side of the child.

The actual news story confirm unfortunately this sad trend that sees adolescents/children always more involved in cases of:

  • Scholastic Truancy
  • Use of Hard Drug and Light Drugs (marijuana, hashish, cocaine, heroine...)
  • Use of semi-synthetic drugs (Hallucinogens, acids, blotter paper, minitablets, capsules ...)
  • Hanging out with companies with criminal background
  • Bullying
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Membership in Satanic Sects
  • Prostitution (with a stunning spread of the online prostitution)

Our Investigative Department has the aim to supply parents a real profile on the son/daughter’s behaviour during the absence of their control, thanks to the support of documented proofs as pictures and video that could portray him/her in situations considered harmful and damaging for his/her educational path.

According to the outcome obtained, parents can define countermeasures and if needed forbid the son to go round with bad company or to frequent some places before the getting worse of the situation.

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