The customer has many doubts about the spouse: in fact she has good grounds for thinking that the husband has another affair as he has currently changed his behaviour. In fact the husband is particularly in high spirits and nice and pay serious attention to both his personal look and clothing but in the private sphere he is shifty and distant. Furthermore he keeps on hand his mobile phone and leaves it unattended only when turned off. He has changed his usual exit and return time, justifying it with delays at work or meetings that lasted longer than expected.



Collection of elements of proofs with the purpose of proving the spousal infidelity during the settlement of the lawsuit separation of the spouses.



We decide, along with the customer, to supervise, during the evening and for a whole week, the husband movements in order to check the real existence of an extramarital relationship.
Monday’s evening, during the office’s closing time, we assist already at the date between the person under investigation (the husband of the customer) and a suspect woman. They publicly exchange conspiratorial looks and endearments. Then we fulfil all the necessary verifications and we check the residence’s address of the woman. Here we certify that she lives alone. During the following days we see the man going and staying at the lady’s home. The supervision continues for the whole week until the weekend, during which, thanks to the complicity of our customer, and after suggesting her to leave with an excuse the city, we discover that the man has planned to spend the weekend out-of-town. We prepare therefore the required controls and, through shadowing, we succeed in providing by documents that the two lovers have spent the weekend in a seaside resort where they have booked an hotel room.


We have provided by evidence, in the nature of pictures and video recording, every actions, useful for the lawsuit separation that the wife has decided to begin by bringing to the Court the acquired proofs.
Our help allowed therefore the wife to protect legally her rights and the one of her scholage sons.


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