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Person Under investigation

Permanent member of staff with the qualifications of a manual worker, thirty-five years old. After being on sick leave for almost two months, the employee sent the company yet another doctor’s sick note.



Check the actual state of the declared illness and collect evidence to prove a justifiable dismissal of the employee.



A few days of controlled observation of the subject at various times of the day are scheduled. Already on the first day we verified that the employee leaves the house early in the morning, dressed casually and goes to a building under renovation located in a suburb of the city. The subject enters a storage building used by workers, stays there for a few minutes and then comes out wearing overalls, then enters the building site. The following days the person under investigation returns, always with regular hours, at the same site where, in the same way, he engages in work, dealing with heavy carpentry work. All this has been documented with photographic support and video-clips. It was possible to determine that the person under investigation carried out during the five days of monitoring, very heavy work requiring physical prowess, undoubtedly incompatible with the health complaints and the doctor’s sick note.


We acquired evidence that allowed the company to dismiss the employee and prepare a case for damages against him. Even the doctor who had issued the sick note at the time, had to clarify in court, his involvement in the affair. In addition, this action acted as a deterrent to other employees, as the company has seen a marked decline in periods of sick leave by all employees. With our professional contribution, the Client is able to protect itself in the appropriate court obtaining adequate compensation, as well as serving as a warning for future conduct of other employees.


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