Separated man, father of a four years old girl. He turns to Us to carry out an investigation on the ex-wife as he suspects her, to bring the daughter, during the weekend in which she has her custody, to a pub where she works during the evening as a waitress, without respecting at all the appropriate hours for a correct growth.


Person under investigation

Forty two years old, ex wife of the customer. She has obtained, according with the court decision, the daughter’s custody only during the weekend. The woman works as a waitress in a pub in the city center of a big city.



To acquire evidential elements useful to demonstrate that the woman does not respect the child’s needs as she makes her attending an environment not adequate for her age.



We organize the controls for an active observation. The controls started at the mother’s house where the customer brings the daughter every weekend. During the period of control, that lasted three weekends, we could ascertain that the child has been until late evening in the pub, in company with mother’s friends or in the care of the female cook. Once we notice that the child, tired and sleepy, dozed of in a sofa nearby the room used as wardrobe. In the last day of the observation we notice the child in the arms of a not authorized person who was trying to send her to sleep. This happens around midnight. We demonstrate in this way that the mother has brought the daughter in a place not suitable to her age and to the needs of caution of the child, exposing her to many and depriving her of the minimum amount of sleep foreseen for her age.


The customer, with proofs in the nature of pictures and video recording, could demonstrate, during the trial, that the ex-wife brought the daughter in places and in situations not suitable and consistent with her custody.


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