Separated Young Woman. The costumer complain about the fact that the husband declares to not have a regular job and, for this reason, foster care benefits assessed by the judge are very small. The woman is sure that the husband works and so that he collects a salary even if in a unofficial way (“illegal labour”). With the information supplied we know that the ex-spouse has worked for many years in the goldsmith field.


Person under investigation

Forty years old, ex husband of the customer. At the moment he declares to be unemployed except for little occasional jobs and therefore to not collect an adequate income able to support neither the ex wife nor their two sons of 4 and 7 years old.



To ascertain if the ex husband is de facto working and to acquire evidential elements with the purpose of identifying the possible employer in order to assess the salary collected.



Active observation during the time necessary to acquire useful evidential elements. The control started at the parents’ house, where the ex husband has the residence; we then follow the man for several days. Since the second day of control we verify that the man, in a orderly manner and always during the same hours, goes in a well-known advertising agency. Through verifications and collection of photographic evidence it became apparent that the man works there as an actual employee even if he is not officially hired.


With our survey, the customer had the possibility to ask the judge not only the respect of the ex-husband commitments, but also the variation of the foster care benefits amount that should be adequate to the ex-husband’s salary.


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