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CASE HISTORY: Unfair Competition

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Service: Unfair Competition Investigations

The Client

An important Italian company operating in the homoeopathic sector, with branches abroad.

Person Under investigation

Quarantaquattro anni, responsabile commerciale, capo area in una zona distante dalla sede principale. Da qualche tempo ha assunto un atteggiamento di dubbio distacco, si assenta ripetutamente dall'azienda e spesso organizza trasferte di lavoro, con la vettura aziendale, verso una zona specifica in cui ha competenza territoriale.


Identify whether the person under investigation has different interests to the company which employs him and collect evidence to document any activity in violation of the non-competition agreement signed with the same.


Active monitoring of movements for some days. During the first day of observation he was seen travelling several times to a company operating in the same sector as the client. We made the necessary investigations aimed at identifying the company. From the information gathered we found that his wife was the owner, but inside the store the subject moves around with ease, managing directly, when present, the relationships with customers. This is repeated for a few days, at recurring weekly intervals. We started to set up the conditions in order to have direct contact with the person under investigation by pretending to need to buy some products sold in competition with the client's company. We meet the subject. The subject adopts a behaviour in-keeping with a sales person with a clear business predisposition; he advises us and provides a succinct consultancy on the use of the products, convincing the purchase of the goods and personally accepting the payment. Everything is documented with photographic evidence and video-footage.


Thanks to our professional contribution, our customer has now obtained the evidence necessary to defend itself successfully in court, its right to dismiss the employee in default and obtain substantial monetary compensation from him.

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