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case history infedeltà coniugale

Marital Infidelity

Investigation into marital infidelity and extramarital affairs aimed at collecting evidence to demonstrate husband or wife infidelity in the resolution of the case of separation of the spouses.
case history assegno di mantenimento

Change in Maintenance Allowance

Asset/income assessment, for change in maintenance allowance with the aim of ascertaining whether the person under investigation actually works and acquire the necessary evidence to identify any employer to determine the income received.
case history affidamento minori

Child Custody

Investigative services for the custody of children for the purpose of acquiring evidence to show that the person under investigation does not meet the needs of the child by allowing them to be in unsuitable surroundings for his/her age.
case history controllo minori da comportamenti devianti

Parental Control

Controlling minors from hanging out with the wrong crowd and bullying with the aim to monitor the movements of the boy/girl; verifying the places where the boy/girl hangs out and verifying the identity of all those he/she is friends with or often meets, in order to find out whether, as suspected by the parents, drugs are being taken. The observation period is limited to the achievement of the results of the investigation.
case history assenteismo dipendenti

Employee Absenteeism

Investigation and control services on employee absenteeism with the aim to verify the actual state of the declared illness and collect evidence to prove a justifiable dismissal of the employee.
case history concorrenza sleale

Unfair Competition

Investigations of employee absenteeism and unfair competition with the purpose of identifying whether the person under investigation t has different interests to the company which employs him/her and collecting evidence to document any activity in violation of the non-competition agreement signed with the same .

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