P e P Investigazioni S.r.l.
aree investigative specifiche

P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. acts as a partner for individuals, businesses and professionals in order to support them in protecting their rights and interests.

In particular in support of all financing operators, we offer useful services to the economic profiling of subjects in pre-trust phase as well as provide useful information to the tracing and determination of the real economic and financial consistency during litigation.

Law firms (and official receivers) are also supported by our services to determine the economic-asset consistency of the debtor as well as all activities related to the legal management within family, business, banking, finance and insurance areas.

The prefecture licence in accordance with art. 134 Consolidated Text of Laws on Public Security, Royal Decree 18th June 1931 n. 773, qualification to the conduct of investigative defence activities, in reference to art. 5 of Ministerial Decree 269 of 1st December 2010, allows to support the legal activities in the identification of the evidence to enforce in criminal proceedings.

The topic of security sees P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. fully committed in the collaboration with the public prosecutor's offices and the police, to whom we provide our investigative technologies, as well as supporting individuals and companies in the adoption of physical and computer security strategies for individuals, companies or assets.

Completing the picture, the service of electronic debugging, useful to detect and prevent unauthorised intrusion into private areas and finally digital forensics analysis increasingly necessary to obtaining elements in support of evidence.

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