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P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. (“P & P Investigations”) are legally authorised with a current license pursuant to Art. 134 of Italy's T.U.L.P.S. law, issued by the relevant Prefecture, in compliance with the provisions of Ministerial Decree 269/2010 and the Privacy Code (Legislative Decree. 196/2003), for activities involving investigations, information, and research on behalf of individuals and legal persons throughout the national territory and abroad.

The company operates in the Civil Investigations sector (for private individuals and businesses) and Penal (defensive investigations), with a staff of consultants and collaborators always looking for bespoke solutions to ensure an appropriate response to the many needs of its customers.

P & P INVESTIGAZIONI are always attentive to the problems inherent in security, within the Security and Investigations field, and provide a range of services for the protection of company assets, in all its aspects, through our internal divisions:

INFOPROVIDING DIVISION: supports major lenders and financial institutions by supplying the investigative dossiers needed for economic and financial evaluation of their clients, in order to identify the best credit recovery strategy.

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE DIVISION: guides our customers in choosing their business partners, offering assessments on economic and reputational risks that a company may face in carrying out business, or on the professionalism of employees or employment candidates.

CORPORATE INVESTIGATIONS DIVISION: verifies the conduct of employees and ensures protection of company intellectual property; ascertains acts of unfair competition.

DIGITAL SECURITY DIVISION: tests and enhances IT infrastructure security within a company, through cyber security, digital forensics and electronic improvement procedures.

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* Authorisation for Processing of Personal Data

Among the many cases treated at national level


On 10 December 2007, on the mandate of the Advocate ANGELA Aliani the Forum of BARI, we took care of Filippo Pappalardi. Our investigations were aimed at the defense of the accused, believing in error those who accused him of the murder of his sons Francesco and Salvatore. Filippo Pappalardi lost his children to a tragic fate! And had it not been for the support of family members and trusted friends, also Pappalardi would had a worthless end, falling in the meshes of summary justice.

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