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Spousal separation or the end of the cohabitation is in itself a situation of hard management but that results even more heavy in the presence of children.

The law is particularly sensitive to this topic and through the law 54 of the 8th of February 2006, has modified the art. 155 of the Civil Code referring to the joint custody setting that: "Even in the case of personal separation of the parents the child has the right to keep a balanced and continuing relationship with both parents, to receive care and education from both parts and to keep significant relationships with the ascendant and family of both parent’s relatives."

In sostanza la legge ritiene che la relazione genitore-figlio deve essere tutelata e mantenuta al di là della cessazione della convivenza dei genitori.

In the reality however, voluntary testimonies or an unusual behaviour of the child such as the one to refuse to be accompanied by the father/mother, could induce one of the parents to think that the ex-spousal does not assume an appropriate behaviour towards the minor’s needs when he/she is under the father/mother custody.

Our Investigative Department, after an in-depth analysis of the case and depending on the information supplied by the parent, carries out investigations about the case, with the purpose of acquiring elements of proof that attest the bad behaviour of the ex-spousal towards the child.

At the conclusion of our surveys, it will be supply a detailed relation that will include all the documents produced during the survey’s stage (pictures, videos, collected testimonies….). Such material is utilizable in the appropriate judicial branch during the hearing stage.

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