Obtaining proofs by closed devices

Embedded Forensics Forensics is a branch of the Computer Forensics that has the aim to find computer data contained in devices so-called “closed”, that does not belong to the classical features of the computer but that could however have great importance during the hearing stage.

During the intervention, the Digital Security Department of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l., will adopt the same guideline already adopted in Mobile Forensics with however a personalization of the intervention depending on the devices in question.

The principal devices analyzed are:

  • Video game console (Xbox of Microsoft, Wii of Nintendo, Playstation of Sony, etc...);
  • Skimmer used to duplicate a credit card
  • Palmtop
  • Organizer
  • Mp3 Players
  • DataBank
  • Closed-circuit System
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Embedded Forensics