Locating digital proofs

The Digital Forensics deals with the identification, acquisition, preservation and analysis of the information selected by the digital instruments, with the purpose to identify evidences and valid proofs in civil and criminal procedure.

This discipline splits itself in several branches, among which of particular importance are the Computer Forensics, the branch concerning the legal proofs that is possible to search in a computer and its devices of memorization, and the Mobile Forensics, the branch of the analysis forensics that deals with the recovery of computer data contained in all the electronic devices that use the mobile technology.

Computer Forensics

The most known aspect of the Digital Forensics is for sure the Computer Forensics, that concerns the techniques and instruments for the examination of the computer systems for evidential aims. This term refers to the application of an investigative scientific procedure to the digital world in order to acquire information, data and evidential elements that can be used during the trial, taking care to not alter the possible proofs.

The preservation of acquired data is indeed vital in order to avoid that the work is invalidated for a legal quibble or for the accidental modification/alteration of a decisive proof.

The activity of analysis and data acquisition is carried out not only on the various kind of computer, but on any electronic device with the possibility to store computer data.

Mobile Forensics

The use of mobile devices has had a stunning development during the last years, due to the their greatest versatility and to their comfort of use. A modern Smartphone, for example, besides the traditional functions of the phone and the dispatch of short messages, could have a digital camera, a GPS and has the possibility to be constantly connected to the web thanks to the technology UMTS or Wi-Fi.

In the light of the features above described and for its great popularity, it is considered one of the instruments easily present on the scene that has to be analysed and with whom our specialized department has to interact.

It is essential to intervene in a correct way on the different devices in order to avoid the cancellation or the tampering of computer data that could compromise the possibility to give them an evidential value in court.

It is also evident that even the “traditional” data retrieved, such as the list of calls, SMS or mail (received, sent or deleted), phone book, cell sites picked up, internet connection, have a great importance in the development of the investigative activities.

The Digital Security Department of the P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. pre-emptively establishes the best procedure of intervention, with reference to the kind of tool to analyse and to its conditions at the moment of the finding.

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Digital Forensics