Restore lost data from any media

The Digital Security Department of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. can help you to face every loss of data due to human errors, sabotages or events of every kind.

Our staff is specialized in the recovery of data from any support.

How works the recovery of data

The services of data recovery of the Digital Security Department of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. offer the best solution to identify, extract and reconstruct the data from corrupted or inaccessible supports of memorization.

During the process of recovery of data, the IT personnel of the Department works on the device or on the corrupted or inaccessible hard disk, with the aim to refresh temporarily the functioning and to proceed to the data mining. The information extracted are later reconstructed and saved in a format usable by the user.

Recovery Procedure

The recovery of data takes place in our operational headquarter with the support of the best available instruments.

The Process of data recovery

We know that the biggest wish of someone who has gone through a loss of data is the one to succeed quickly in the data recovery and without complications. This is why we studied and developed a simple and efficient procedure to recover data.


Contact us by email at, or with a call at the toll-free number 800 134 917, a qualified technician will answer. We will ask you some simple questions. In few minutes you will receive in your inbox a free and with no obligation estimate.


Following the instructions contained in the estimate, you can send us with no charge and through a pony express, the damaged data carrier. Once arrived at our headquarter, our technicians will start the stage of technical analysis in order to identify the problem and to understand which files can be recovered. At the end of this analysis, You will receive a list of the files that can be recovered and the respective state of integrity for each of them.


After having approved the restoration of the recoverable data, the stage of the out-and-out data recover starts. At the end of it, your files will be saved in an external support of backup.


The support of backup with data recovered will be send by pony express. To guarantee a greater security, the data are encrypted and the related password send by email.


The service is operative from Monday to Friday. The stage of technical analysis is completed in a time estimated between 3-4 working days, the stage of recovery is completed in a time estimated between 2-3 working days. These indications can vary according to the amount of data and the reading velocity of the device.

Typology of recoverable data

Independently from how data are stored, the Department of Digital Security of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. uses all its resources and its technical abilities to help you to recover them. The services of data recovery, at the customer’s disposal, allow to recover data from:

  • External USB drive
  • Flash Media
  • Digital Camera
  • iPads, Ipods, Tablet PCs, ect,
  • Smart Phone / Mobile Phone
  • Laptop or Desktop
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Deleted or no more accessible Emails
  • Digital Pictures
  • Every other kind of files
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