The growing development and importance of the Digital Forensic derives from the greater and greater evidential weight assumed by the information contained within the traditional computers or the most modern devices (tablet, smart phone, etc).

The computer examination is a technical report based on the analysis of electronic devices of various kind, and it allows the recovery of information and data.

Often we make use of computer examination when someone is accused or accuses someone else on the basis of computer evidences. In this case we talk about Computer Forensics Report, carried out with instruments and procedures legally accepted, with the aim to preserve the proofs, assuring the marking of every activity. In this way the expert report can be used as a proof.

The Digital Security Department of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. guarantees professionalism and cutting-edge technological solutions for the analysis and the interpretation of the results, thanks to its highly qualified person, able to manage the operations of collection, analysis and preservation of the proofs, in accordance with the current law and with the strict regulation of the Law 48/2008 (Ratification and Implementation of the Convention of the Council of Europe on Cybercrime, signed in Budapest the 23rd of November 2001, and adaptation to the standards of the internal set of rules).



Digital Forensics deals with the identification, acquisition, preservation and analysis of the information selected by the digital devices


Finding of computer data of interest, coming from a closed network of computer or, more in general from the web


Identification and computer analysis of Software not regularly owned, Encryption Software, password cracking


Embedded Forensics has the aim to find computer data contained in devices so-called “closed”


The best choice to help you to face every loss of data due to human errors, sabotages or events of every kind.


The methodology of intervention, on the devices analyzed, complies with the international procedures of Computer Forensics (US Department of Justice, UK Acpo, IACIS, ISFCE) and guarantees therefore the integrity and the validity of the original data.

We indicate here below the sequence adopted by the Digital and Mobile Forensics Department of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. for the implementation of the activities of data analysis, from the conferment of the assignment to the presentation of the final report.

Firstly, there are identified all the potential sources that can contain useful data to produce valid proofs that could be presented in court and it is even planned a suitable working plan.
You must never access to digital data without using adequate instruments and procedures, in order to avoid the invalidation and inadmissibility of the proofs that will be presented in court. The digital data is weak in itself and could be easily and/or involuntarily altered by persons that are not qualified, even just by accessing to the device where the data is stored.
The intervention methodology of the Digital & Mobile Forensics Department of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. guarantees that the data are acquired without altering and/or damaging them. It is made a double forensics copy of data and checked out the integrity of them by hash function. All the procedures are adequately documented guaranteeing a correct chain of conservation.
Working on the forensics copy acquired, our consultants mine the data contained in the perfect copy of the device which is the subject of the analysis. Our procedure of data mining guarantees the recovery of files deleted, files hidden, temporary file, fragments of file and other data stored on different devices such as personal computer, server, mobile phones, Smartphone and GPS.
The data, once mined, are analysed in order to recreate the activities carried out with the digital device. A definitive report is edited, containing all the information of interest that could be used for internal analysis or during a trial in court.


The Digital Data are a strategic resource for every company, both public and private: The Digital Security Department of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. avails itself of the best professional instrument available for the mining and the store of these precious information.

In this section you will find some of the instruments – software and hardware – used by our technicians for the forensics analysis and for the preservation of data.

Data Capture

Forensic Falcon

Forensics copies of digital supports such as hard-disk, ssd and pendrive are realized using the FORENSICS FALCON of the Logicube, the quickest and technologically innovative solution of imaging forensics available.

Rich of functionality and with high performances, the Forensics Falcon establishes a new standard of excellence in the digital forensics.

C.A.In.E. 4.0

To carry out the forensic copy of devices called live (server, cloud or any other device that could not be turned off) there are used Computer Forensics live CD such as C.A.IN.E, DEFT and/or tool of forensic data capture commissioned in judicial area.

UFED Touch Ultimate

The Digital Security Department of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. uses the UFED Touch Ultimate to extract all the useful information from mobile devices such as Smart Phone, GPS devices, Tablets and phones with Chinese chipset.

The UFED Touch Ultimate is an unsurpassed device of data capture from mobile devices that allows the capture, decoding and analysis of data. It carries out the physical and/or logic capture of system file and password (even if already deleted).


With the purpose of fulfilling the analysis of the acquired data, the Digital & Mobile Forensics Department of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l. avails itself of the best certified software in the judicial area such as:

  • C.A.IN.E
  • Sleuth Kit – Autopsy
  • Win-Ufo
  • UFED Physical Analyzer (solo per dati estratti utilizzando l'UFED Touch Ultimate)
  • Oxygen Forensics Analyst
  • Oxygen Forensics Extractor

The possibility to obtain a clear presentation of the digital analysis results is an important factor, which should not be disregarded at the end of the survey. Our aim is the one to supply a well structured and clear report, avoiding useless technical details and digressions.

The staff, highly qualified, of the Digital & Mobile Forensics Department of P & P INVESTIGAZIONI S.r.l., availing itself of software realized by the principle experts of the sector, is able to supply a detailed and easily understandable report, without obviously ignoring the principal rules of the chain of custody that guarantee the validity of the document in the judicial area.