Cyber Attack simulation

The Penetration Test is a service of estimate on the safety of a system or of a network, through the simulation of an attack from an external or internal agent of threat. The aim is the one to underline the weakness of the operating system, supplying the greater number of information about the technological vulnerabilities that have permitted the unauthorized access: this is essentially to be on side of the hacker that, taking advantages of the vulnerabilities detected, is able to obtain all necessary information for the access to the IT infrastructure.

On the basis of the information available, there could be developed the following degree of Penetration Test:

  • Black Box Penetration Test: simulation of an internal or external attack of the network, characterized by the absence of any kind of knowledge on the company’s operating system, such as the log-in information (for example the external attack by a competitor).
  • White Box Penetration Test: simulation of an internal or external attack of the network, characterized by an in-depth knowledge of the operating system, meant as possession of the log-in information, source codes, list of IP address… (for example the fraudulent behaviour by the side of a person within the company).
  • Gray Box Penetration Test: simulation of an attack to the network internal and external combined (Black Box and White Box).
  • Social Engineering Penetration Test: simulation focused on human behaviours, in other words on persons within the company, regularly authorized to have access to the computer system, that could be dupe and led to carry out volunteer interventions but deeply dangerous for Your operating system (for example the phishing).
  • Wi-Fi Penetration Test: simulation of an external attack through Your Internet Network and passing of the barriers of protection, such as the use of Firewall.

The risk and the assiduity of these incidents, even reported by the press concerning attacks to very important international corporations, have brought to realize the importance of the computer system safeguarding. Despite this, many companies however consider sufficient an occasional application of these security interventions.

A constant monitoring of your computer systems, through our modern equipments and tested system of scan, will permit you to discover every kind of attack and verify the integrity of your hardware, otherwise compromised by virus, Trojan, patch, ecc.

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Penetration test